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Final President’s Message

Association boards come and go, and staff changes over time, but if you are intentional about your organization’s culture, your members can’t tell the difference.

This year’s pre-convention “deep dive” presented by Jaime Nolan, CAE, was a valuable reminder of how an association’s staff culture and experience trickle down to the membership and affect the member experience and, therefore, the member culture. I want to add a dimension to that, and that is the culture of the governing board. Leadership drives the culture of the organization. What your leaders do and say and how they behave set the tone for the entire organization. Imagine a positive culture where inclusion, helpfulness and community building are the norm. That leadership culture sends a wave that travels through the entire organization. The organization staff will feel supported and empowered; members will feel valued and get the help they need to thrive and, in turn, give back by stepping into volunteer and leadership positions.