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WSAE Adopts New Name: Washington Society for Association Excellence

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November is a month of reflection, and I am truly grateful for the continued support shown to me as WSAE president. Thank you for your continued commitment to, and support of, WSAE.

Today, I am writing to share exciting news about our association. After significant review and member responses, the board has agreed to a name change more reflective of our inclusive values and professionalism: the Washington Society for Association Excellence. This new name communicates a more welcoming message to prospective members and reaffirms our commitment to professionalism through our education and professional development programming.

As the convening organization for ALL associations in our state, it is imperative that we reflect the same organizational culture and values we encourage of our members. That’s why I am proud of the work our association is doing to become a more inclusive organization, and that begins with a name change.

WSAE is a great place for all association professionals to come together. I truly believe this is an exciting time to be a member, with more benefits and new educational opportunities on the horizon.

We are committed to embracing all members at every level and providing the professional education support necessary to help each member – and our association – achieve excellence.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.


Tammie Hetrick

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