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Organizational Strategies essential to managing an association 

A. General Management

  1. Analyze economic and other external factors to guide long term financial planning and performance.
  2. Prepare business plans to align resources, activities, and operations with the organization’s core purpose.
  3. Utilize performance metrics to guide progression towards organization’s goals.
  4. Develop a policy of independent periodic review and audit of the organization’s finances.

B. Critical Analysis and Planning

  1. Analyze the impact of key trends, including the competitive environment, on the organization and its stakeholders.
  2. Implement a strategic planning process to advance the organization’s vision and mission.
  3. Develop strategies for capturing business intelligence data to inform decision making.

C. Knowledge Management

  1. Design a knowledge management system to address stakeholder needs and preferences.
  2. Analyze data from the knowledge management system to advance the organization’s mission.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the knowledge management system.

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We put on our tool belts and are building organizations stronger and better than ever!

New Skills to make critical decisions.

Archive: Art of Organizational Strategy

Tuesday February 2, 2021
Strategy During Uncertainty: Foundations, Duct Tape, and Tool Belts

Leah Gutmann, President
First Forward Consulting, LLC
2 CAE Credits

Strategic planning is challenging in the most stable of times.  Add in a pandemic, as well as social and political upheavals and we are left with a crystal ball that seems to be filled with mud.  No matter how much we shake it or leave it to settle, the future doesn’t seem to become any clearer.  Businesses and associations across the country are struggling to figure out how best to protect and move their organizations forward.  During this session, participants will gain confidence in their ability to map out an impactful plan for their organization and take a fresh approach to the strategic planning process.  

As decision makers, we must realize that duct taping current strategies and policies together in order to weather the storm can often do more harm than good to both the business and its employees. Instead, learn how to analyze and assess the strength of your foundation through reaffirming the organization mission and vision statements.  Take a trip back to the basics and explore how to apply some traditional tools that will allow you to take a fresh look at your business, your members, and your markets.  Participants will gain skills to make critical decisions on whether to grow, protect, or rebuild the organization.  Set the path to success and get energized to put on your tool belts and build your organizations stronger and better than ever.