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How to Shut Down a Microaggression (or Macro) on the Spot

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If the bully says something demeaning, dismissive or rude to you, simply look them in the eye and say, “Can you repeat that?”.  They won’t.  The bully thinks they can get away with a quick and nasty remark, but when asked to repeat it, they’ll back down.  Expect the bully to mutter “never mind” and walk away. If the bully says something to a coworker, you have the opportunity to be an upstander, not a bystander.  Here’s what to say to stand up for your coworker:  “Marcos, are you OK with what Jennifer said?  Because I’m not. I thought it was rude, insulting and completely inappropriate. Jennifer, do you want to rephrase that?”. Bullies only have power if no one stands up to them.  Don’t let them get the upper hand.  Speak up for yourself and stand up for someone else.

This content reprinted with permission from keynote speaker Kelly McDonald – a renowned business authority on leadership, marketing, sales, customer experience and DEI”.

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