With over 20 years in the workforce development industry serving academic, corporate and professional association markets, Tracy’s in-the-trenches experience inspires her drive to research the intersection of learning science and technology. She’s a thought leader who breaks down the science into strategies that work. She has developed models for transformational learning design, engagement, and strategic innovation – and is the award winning author of bestseller Competitive Advantage: Create Continuing Education That Is Profitable, Sustainable, and Impactful.

Tracy has a Master’s degree in Communication; she taught communication theory and public speech at multiple academic centers to students around the world earning two awards of Teaching Excellence. She is an experienced speech coach and is now an invited speaker on education strategy and learning design

Tracy King, CAE

The Association’s Guide to Shifting Learning Events Online

Thursday, 3:00 PM

While COVID-19 is the contagious disease of the moment derailing events and face-to-face gatherings, scientists predict antibiotic resistance and climate change both increase our risk of recurring pandemic conditions. This has inspired many associations to think about virtual learning not just as a short-term bridge, but as a vital tool for reliably reaching their constituencies and delivering value. Which means we need to get this right!

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

  • How to decide if virtual learning is right for your event
  • What types of content and formats work best online
  • How to engage participants in the program
  • What kinds of support speakers need to deliver great sessions
  • Affordable technology options to make it a great experience
  • Where the future of learning is heading

Each participant will receive a downloadable workbook to navigate decision points mapping a program’s transition online. Bring your questions (like, how long should virtual sessions be?) for personalized coaching feedback throughout the program.