It all started with a burning question: Why is it that some people DON’T become victims? What he discovered will challenge you, inspire you, and equip you to flourish. Dr. Dan Diamond is passionate about equipping people to make a difference… especially when resources are scarce, or times are tough. He was the Director of the Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center following Hurricane Katrina, led one of the first medical teams into Haiti following their devastating earthquake, and deployed to the Philippines following Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Dr. Diamond is the author of the book "Beyond Resilience: Trench-Tested Tools to Thrive Under Pressure". He has been seen on CNN, Anderson Cooper, and Larry King Live.

Dr. Dan Diamond, MD

Tools to Flourish Under Pressure

Friday, 10:30 AM
People used to talk about engagement but when disruptive change strikes an already high stress environment, engagement falls short. The most successful associations understand that it takes investment and ownership to navigate change and come out ahead. While there is a host of barriers, we all know exist, the real issue is we are trying to get more done with fewer resources. Team members are at high risk to burnout and disengage. But focusing on burnout and disengagement only makes it worse. Led by the Medical Director of the Katrina Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center, this workshop explores strategies to lead your team to flourish in high-pressure environments.