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Benefits of membership

As a member of the Washington Society of Association Executives (WSAE), you have access to a wide array of benefits, business tools, educational opportunities, and discount programs designed to help you make the most of your investment and connect with the benefits you value most.

Stay Connected With Your Peers

  • WSAE Listserv
  • Member App
  • Quarterly Magazine
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  • And more

WSAE members...

Find Solutions To Every Day Challenges 

Access to WSAE’s programs and services, including our members-only listserv, provides a great resource for interaction and idea-sharing among colleagues and offers numerous ways in which to share and solve the challenges that confront us. WSAE members are more than willing to share what they have learned to help you succeed. They are committed to excellence and personal and professional integrity. You will also be listed in WSAE’s Member Directory (online and print), which helps put you in contact with the right people and enables people to contact you.


Refine Our Skills

Education is the cornerstone of WSAE.  Effectiveness as leaders within our organizations and improving how they function is enhanced by participating in executive seminars and conventions. 


Associate With The Best

WSAE is an organization for today’s and tomorrow’s association leaders.  Association professionals value the partnerships with association suppliers who help us deliver great services to our members.  Suppliers value partnerships with association professionals to support their search for the perfect meeting and event venue, purchase quality products, and generate creative ideas.  Building these relationships strengthens your business.


Connect And Engage

The association community is engaged, vibrant, and thriving. You have great ideas to share and we hope you’ll consider spending some time volunteering and sharing your expertise with your profession. By serving on a committee or task force, presenting a program, writing an article for WSAE’s publication, or helping monitor legislation that affects the conditions and standards under which nonprofit organizations operate, you will help guide WSAE’s future. And WSAE’s “Celebrate The Stars” annual awards program recognizes those individuals and organizations that are the “best of the best”.


Enjoy The Camaraderie

WSAE’s camaraderie revolves around our executive seminars that bring us together on a monthly basis.  The point of gathering is simple – to learn from one another, forge valuable business relationships, and have fun in the process.  A must experience is the annual convention in June!


Enhance Our Professional Standing

We encourage executives to consider becoming a Certified Association Executive (CAE). With the support of WSAE peer study groups, we help you prepare for the CAE exam.  Once certified we help keep you current by making sure our education portfolio is comprised of content that is relevant and inspiring for those at all stages in their career.



Are Advocates

WSAE can help when the need arises for important advocacy work. Join with colleagues who monitor legislation that affects the conditions and standards under which nonprofit organizations operate, and more important, respond to and participate in "call to actions” that help protect all associations by providing a stronger collective voice.


Value Helping People Make Connections

Looking for that perfect job or employee? WSAE’s resume bank and job-posting service is a quick and easy way to jump-start your job search or review resumes that meet your specific criteria.