WSAE Forum/Listserv

The WSAE Forum is a members' only listserv.  The forum consistently rates among WSAE's top member benefits.   Members may send a message to our member listserv subscribers, and responses can either be directed to the inital sender, or to the entire group.   For questions about how to use the listserv, contact Jen.

These are a few of the subject lines from the archive of our 2016 Forum Questions:

  1. Do You Tip Charter Bus Drivers?    
  2. Association Website RFP Available    
  3. CPA for non-profits
  4. Looking for a new list serve provider    
  5. Associations - Research Database-Web Platforms
  6. Request for job descriptions for continuing education staff    
  7. By-Law Revision    
  8. Survey for WA Association Executives on Nonprofit Board Leadership Recruitment    
  9. Request for Information - Exhibit Marketing and Branding Speaker    
  10. Improv Groups for Association Retreats
  11. Diversifying Associate Membership    
  12. Graphic Designer    
  13. Glenn Tecker coming to Washington in August
  14. Your Help Needed with WA Society of Assn Executives Award Nominations    
  15. Association Management & Business Books - Free